UP and Uttarakhand Federation
The Theosophical Society – Indian Section




UP and Uttarakhand Federation is one of the 16 federations in which Indian Section of The Theosophical Society is divided for propagation of the Theosophy and also for the convenience of administrative works. Each federation consists of a number of lodges and centers.

UP and Uttarakhand Federation has been known earlier as UP Federation Theosophical Society since last 100 years. After bifurcation of Uttar Pradesh state into two states viz Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, a need has been felt to rename the federation as UP and Uttarakhand Federation. UP Federation organized its Centenary Conference in October 2019 and at that time its name was changed to present name.

The constitution and rules of UP Federation provided for only one office bearer i.e. Secretary. The amended constitution and rules for UP and Uttarakhand Federation provides for three office bearers namely, President, Secretary and Treasurer. Accordingly with effect from Oct 2019 three office bearers are functioning.

UP and Uttarakhand Federation has some lodges which are more than 100 years old like –

  • Chohan Lodge, Kanpur (1882)
  • Satyamarg Lodge, Lucknow (1882)
  • Etawah (1901)
  • Anand Lodge, Allahabad (1903)
  • Nirvan Lodge Agra (1910) etc.

Some of the older lodges got closed and new lodges were opened in course of time. Among  presently functional lodges, Chohan Lodge, Kanpur (Charter No. 19 dt. Mar 10, 1882) is the oldest. The Federation has about 900 members attached to the lodges and centers.

Jurisdiction of UP and Uttarakhand Federation extends over the geographical limits of UP and Uttarakhand states.

Past Secretaries of UP Federation

  1. Mr Harish Chandra Bansal (Tundla)
  2. Mr Ravi Sharan Verma (Varanasi)
  3. Mr Har Prasad (Allahabad)
  4. Mr H H Saxena (Lucknow)
  5. Mr B N Swaroop (Allahabad)
  6. Mr Swami Anand (Varanasi)
  7. Dr C V Agrawal (Varanasi)
  8. Mr R R Chauhan (Kanpur)
  9. Dr J P Avasthi (Agra)
  10. Dr Prabhakar Dwivedi (Allahabad)
  11. Mr Murari Lal Gupta (Ghaziabad)
  12. Mrs Gyan Kumari Ajeet (Allahabad)
  13. Mr U S Pandey (Lucknow)